She’s Bless

She’s so bless, she doesn’t even know it. Her face so prefect, she doesn’t even notice. So worried about what the world has to say, she can’t see all her grace.

The Lord smiles down on her, she’s to busy to feel it, He blesses her with gifts, she points them out as flaws.
When the cool breeze and warm sunlight dances through her hair,
as God lets her know He’s near, she said “it messing up my hair.”

He tells her He loves her by sending his Son, She takes it as a false story.
Her day goes well because of His Angels looking down on her, She says “Thank goodness I made it through the day.” Not knowing it was He that blessed her to see that day.

When she felt alone, He blessed her with love; instead of her thanking God for a love so sweet, she thanks the guy for coming her way and for being her everything.

She sin’s and He has mercy, letting her still be all that she can be. With shoes on her feet, cloths on her back, her family perfectly healthy and so is she, yet she still never stops to give thanks to thee Almighty.

She dies and in heaven she stand in God presence. There He ask, “why didn’t you never receive my Son and never appreciate Me, praise Me for all the things I’ve done…done for you.

She relied, “Lord! I never saw what you did”, then the Lord showed her everything and she fell on her knees and started to weep uncontrollably, she began to praise God and thank Him for all He had done.

Then she asked Him for forgiveness, but the Lord said to her “stop! For It’s to late now, your judgment has come.” Don’t let your day come and you’ve never stop to say thank you Lord and received His Son Jesus Christ. DO IT TODAY BEFORE ITS TO LATE! For you are truly BLESS!!!


About Angelsteffy

Welcome All! Thanks for stopping by, Hope you enjoy yourselves as you enter my world and get to known me. Don't forget to leave a kind comment, and let me know what you think. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts. Thanks! Well what can I say about me. I am from Haitian descent, born and raise in Nassau, Bahamas. I am a computer repair technician working as a secretary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am married and so in love with my huband. I am a Christian, I love the Lord, I love to smile, I love working with computers, writing poetry, going to the movies, listen to music. I enjoy cooking, and working with kids, I teach sunday school at my church. All in all I'm just a loving person. Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and feelings. Peace & God Bless!
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