The Battle of Good vs Evil

I don’t think people who become a Christian really know or understand what they are getting themselves into. I picture it like this, imagine every day you wake up in a war camp, putting on your armor (which is reading the bible and praying, seeking God before you start your day) and then heading into the battle of Good vs Evil. There beside you is Jesus, you are fighting these evil looking things (which is demons, in reality they are temptations, bad friends, bad choices…etc…) At the end of the battle (the day) you either come out a Warrior with Jesus and the Angelic army celebrating you and the victory. Or you get wounded in battle and Jesus has to come and rescue you, take you back to camp and patch you up (which is forgiven, strength, grace and mercy when you confess) and prepare you for the next battle, the war against Good and Evil. This is what truly take place every day when we wake up. Spiritually we are in a war, a battle with the enemy and his army. I don’t know about you but I wanna come out a warrior every time instead of wounded every time, needing Jesus to come and rescue me. But I am so thankful for the many times He has come and rescued me. I will keep fighting the good fight until I come out a warrior every time, because Jesus is right by my side. Praise The Lord!


About Angelsteffy

Welcome All! Thanks for stopping by, Hope you enjoy yourselves as you enter my world and get to known me. Don't forget to leave a kind comment, and let me know what you think. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts. Thanks! Well what can I say about me. I am from Haitian descent, born and raise in Nassau, Bahamas. I am a computer repair technician working as a secretary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am married and so in love with my huband. I am a Christian, I love the Lord, I love to smile, I love working with computers, writing poetry, going to the movies, listen to music. I enjoy cooking, and working with kids, I teach sunday school at my church. All in all I'm just a loving person. Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and feelings. Peace & God Bless!
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