God Dream – Are your dreams from God?

Based on Joseph’s Story in Genesis Chapter 37 to Chapter 45

Ever wonder if your dreams where from God? If your dream does not require for God to show up, it’s not a “God dream.” A dream from God (a God dream) always requires testing and trials in order for the dream to come about. Dreams that are from God go through three tests and trials: Rejection, Temptation and Retribution.

1) Rejection: When Joseph told his brothers his dream, they laughed at him.

– Don’t tell your dream to people who don’t matter. If its a “God dream” God is going to make it a reality.

– When favor is upon you… your life people are going to notice it… notice you and some will hate you, reject you and criticize you.

– Give God praise even in your lowest of lows.

– Your rejection is often times God’s direction.

– When God favors you, no matter what you go through or where you end up you will flourish. Just trust in Him.

2) Temptation: Joseph was tempted by Pharaoh’s wife but he didn’t take the easy way out and sleep with her, he ran away from her.

– If you have a “God dream” that is developing inside of you, there will be things that will come in front of you that you will need to run from.

– Don’t take the easy way out, even if you have to suffer.

– Temptation comes when your dreams are close to being fulfilled.

– You have to always be using and activating your faith. Stop having your faith on the back burner only to be used when hard testing times come. Use it every day so that your faith in the Lord will continue to grow.

3) Retribution: Joseph could have gotten back at his brothers but he forgave them.

– A “God dream” is to be a blessing to others, not to get back at anyone.

– Joseph didn’t see the big picture of his “God dream” until the end. His dream with his brothers bowing down before him was not for them to worship him or for him to get back at them but to help them and his people. He did not seek judgment or retribution. In the end Joseph pass all the test and trials set out for him and his dream became a reality.

“Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.” (Psalms 105:19 NLT)

God’s development of a dream always takes some time but we must be willing to endure and pass the trials and test of rejection, temptation and retribution.


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